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I am very much looking forward to attending the Crash Conference at the University of Aston. The purpose of this is to bring together all the many people concerned about economic justice. Also to give confidence to those of us who feel inhibited because of its complexity and so empower us to speak out. Great speakers. It’s free but please register as soon as possible.

Best wishes, John Nightingale, Chair JDC Birmingham

The financial crisis and what to do about it.
From Birmingham to Barcelona and beyond

    Saturday 24th November 2012
    10.30 – 17.00
    Main Building, Aston University, Aston Triangle, Birmingham, B4 7ET

If you want to understand how the global economy got into such a mess, and what to do about it this event is for you!

The financial crisis has led to wide-ranging cuts to public services, job losses and massive bank bailouts in the UK. This isn’t the first time this has happened – countries across the global South have experienced the same process after devastating debt crises from the 1970s to the present day.

Find out about the history of the present financial crisis, understand the basics of how it happened and the impacts it is having on social justice in the UK and around the world.

Whether you are interested in global justice, or the UK anti-cuts movement, whether you know a bit about the economy, or nothing at all, this event is for you.

  Speakers include:
    – Roger McKenzie, UNISON Assistant General Secretary
    – Nick Dearden of Jubilee Debt Campaign
    – Iolanda Fresnillo Spanish Debt and anti-austerity activist
    & more to be announced

Workshops will include:
How to understand the financial crisis | What would a fair economy look like? | Tax Justice in the UK and around the world | How to communicate effectively about the financial crisis | Direct action taster session | Local economies in the West Midlands | Eurozone crisis: what is going on? | and others…

This is a free event, but please register by phone 020 7324 4722 or at www.jubileedebtcampaign.org.uk/crashto help us plan.

Help us spread the word by sharing the facebook event with your friends

Current contributors include: Jubilee Debt Campaign Birmingham, West Midlands Office of Christian Aid, student campaigners and the event is supported by People & Planet and Jubilee Debt Campaign UK.


International debt week.
October 8th – 15th is International Debt Week. A moment when campaigners around the world can reflect on the global poor country debt situation.
It is all to easy to perhaps think there is, nothing I can do about such a huge problem.This was certainly the view of some when we began the campaign here in the Midlands.
Dr Martin Dent at Keele University played a key role but the seminal moment was in 1998 when a “Human Chain” was formed around the G8 leaders at the Birmingham summit. 100,000 people coming together in such a peaceful and purpose way.That began the focus of a huge number of people from all faiths and none.
Now in this International Debt week JDC can tell everyone that $130 billions of debt has been cancelled for 34 countries. That means children in school, vaccines given and the fight against poverty begun across the world. We have done something at least. But we fully realise its not enough and have to involve more and more people in the campaign.
It is encouraging that the Jubilee Debt has now become a global movement particular strong in USA where they have special events in the coming Jubilee weekend.
Jewish Christians and Muslims all taking part in the actions.
Here in the UK we will be focussing on getting more Faith Leaders to sign the letter ( 253 so far)to PM. Across the country the Jubilee for Justice petition and the paper chains grow every day .

Now we need to reflect on new ways to take the message to new generation of campaigners seeking Jubilee for Justice in 2012. there are lots of ways to help during the week a prayer  a donation  your ideas and encouragement too.

Faith leaders are being invited to sign a very special letter that will be delivered to the Prime Minister calling for action in this Jubilee year.
Hundreds of members of very diverse communities are also signing a petition that is then being linked to form a very distinctive white chain. Both are pictured above.

If you would like to take part do get in touch www.jdcmultifaith.org

By coincidence it is 14 years since the “Human Chain” was formed around the G8 leaders in Birmingham. That action first drew world attention to the evil of debt and its links to global poverty. Now we have Europe too involved in the harsh reality of debt repayment. Jubilee can have a serious side by calling for debt cancellation.

Amongst all the bunting, jelly and cakes please take time to sign our petition or the letter if you are a faith leader.

Many thanks

Audrey Miller

Wolverhampton Inter-Faith and Regeneration Network

In association with Wolverhampton World Poverty Action

Invite you to a presentation on Jubilee Debt – a campaign for all faiths

Ø    More than 1.1 billion people survive on less than a dollar a day

Ø    Every day 13 per cent of the world’s population goes hungry.

Ø    Every year about 10 million children die of preventable illnesses – 30,000 a day

On Thursday May 17th at 7.30pm.

In the Austin Room, The Methodist Centre,

24 School Street, Wolverhampton WV1 4 LF


Ruth Tetlow

(Co-ordinator of the Faith Encounter Programme, Secretary Birmingham Jubilee Debt Campaign)
Amrick Singh Ubhi,

Director of the Nishkam Centre, Handsworth, Birmingham

Everyone welcome

Jubilee Debt Campaign are seeking a creative activist for global justice!

Could you script a short play to be used by youth groups, schools and street performers wanting to stimulate thinking and discussion of the issues surrounding global wealth imbalance and poverty?

For more information and guidelines contact
Audrey Miller 0121 471 4175 or email jubileedebt@blueyonder.co.uk

 I am often asked how I became  involved with Jubilee Debt Campaign. Those of us who founded the Jubilee movement met in the Jubilee Room at the House of Commons  fifteen years ago.

 A friend for all that time has been David Golding  this week he sent  me this article and  I immediately wanted to share the stories with you  and have your comments.

“ The experience of one hundred million experiencing global poverty is hard to comprehend, so let’s bring that down to a more personal level. This was Zambia in the 1990s:


“The doctor looked up and saw a woman with her two boys. One was thirteen years old, the other three. Both were ill. The diagnosis was simple and the prescription straightforward. Another routine case . Some time later, he saw her again and asked after the children. Her face flushed. The older child was doing well, but the younger was dead. Unable to afford treatment for both, she made an impossibly painful choice. The oldest received the medicine, the youngest she had to watch die.”

That is poverty. How do we respond to such a world – a world that faces a mother to such choices?

“Nothing to do with me”, you might think,

but what about the experience of Aklima, who was 22 years old in 2007 when her village, Chopora, in southern Bangladesh, was one of many to feel the wrath of Cyclone Sidr. She was swept away by the storm surge with her one-year-old child, Koli…

She survived, but couldn’t save Koli from drowning and probably wishes she’d perished with him. Her country is one of many already experiencing the impact of climate change caused mainly by the profligate use of fossil fuels in the rich countries.

How do we respond to such a world – a world that places the weakest and most vulnerable in such situations? “

David Golding

I came to view that just giving money was not enough. Energy that I had previous given to fund raising tasks with charities was just a sticking plaster approach and political action to change the loans being made were at the root of many problems.

Looking back over some 15 years of activism was I  correct?

$120 billion for 32 countries of debt has been cancelled Not enough you might say but….. what should we do?

Do please  leave your comment.

Audrey Miller

JDC MULTIFAITH organised its first women’s only event to celebrate International Women’s Day and and draw attention to the need for action on Global Poverty.

It was an inspiring experience to be part of a meeting with seventy women from 9 different faith groups taking part.

The programme was very varied beginning with poems and drama before moving into song.You can see photos on the web links given above.

The high light of  evening for me was to hear the stories from Jewish, Sikh,Hindu  Christian and Muslim women about how they are making a difference to the world. All could relate to how their faith was instrumental in tackling issues such as international debt, fair trade, education for all, health and peace.

The “star” of the evening was the keynote speaker Shabana Mahmood MP who set out her own faith story of being an activist at local and national level.Most of the audience were attending their first JDC event and left very encouraging messages  about how much they had learnt during the evening and the sence of enpowerment they felt  by being together. Now the task is to tackle the issues with  other similar meetings. In fact one outcome is an invitation to repeat the programme.  Praise indeed.

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