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International debt week.
October 8th – 15th is International Debt Week. A moment when campaigners around the world can reflect on the global poor country debt situation.
It is all to easy to perhaps think there is, nothing I can do about such a huge problem.This was certainly the view of some when we began the campaign here in the Midlands.
Dr Martin Dent at Keele University played a key role but the seminal moment was in 1998 when a “Human Chain” was formed around the G8 leaders at the Birmingham summit. 100,000 people coming together in such a peaceful and purpose way.That began the focus of a huge number of people from all faiths and none.
Now in this International Debt week JDC can tell everyone that $130 billions of debt has been cancelled for 34 countries. That means children in school, vaccines given and the fight against poverty begun across the world. We have done something at least. But we fully realise its not enough and have to involve more and more people in the campaign.
It is encouraging that the Jubilee Debt has now become a global movement particular strong in USA where they have special events in the coming Jubilee weekend.
Jewish Christians and Muslims all taking part in the actions.
Here in the UK we will be focussing on getting more Faith Leaders to sign the letter ( 253 so far)to PM. Across the country the Jubilee for Justice petition and the paper chains grow every day .

Now we need to reflect on new ways to take the message to new generation of campaigners seeking Jubilee for Justice in 2012. there are lots of ways to help during the week a prayer  a donation  your ideas and encouragement too.


More exciting news is coming from Jubilee Debt Campaign  London office about the Faith Leaders take up of our latest action.

“191 faith leaders have signed the letter so far, including Members of the Sikh, Jains, Arya Samaj, Hindu. Jewish and Muslim  Community, Also  many Christian denominations have  signed the Faith Leaders letter. Including Archbishops Bishops and prominent leaders for all sections of the church in the UK.”

Do be inspired by looking at the full list here

You can also view some photographs taken at signings here in Birmingham

The JDC office is now  getting  thousands of chain links  signed by members of  all the faith communities and indeed those of no faith. The level of support  given in just a few weeks has been wonderful.

Keep up the good work.

For more in formation on how you can do your part go to www.jdcmultifaith.org.


JDC MULTIFAITH organised its first women’s only event to celebrate International Women’s Day and and draw attention to the need for action on Global Poverty.

It was an inspiring experience to be part of a meeting with seventy women from 9 different faith groups taking part.

The programme was very varied beginning with poems and drama before moving into song.You can see photos on the web links given above.

The high light of  evening for me was to hear the stories from Jewish, Sikh,Hindu  Christian and Muslim women about how they are making a difference to the world. All could relate to how their faith was instrumental in tackling issues such as international debt, fair trade, education for all, health and peace.

The “star” of the evening was the keynote speaker Shabana Mahmood MP who set out her own faith story of being an activist at local and national level.Most of the audience were attending their first JDC event and left very encouraging messages  about how much they had learnt during the evening and the sence of enpowerment they felt  by being together. Now the task is to tackle the issues with  other similar meetings. In fact one outcome is an invitation to repeat the programme.  Praise indeed.

November 1st to the 7th was Islam Awareness Week with daily involvement of Jubilee Debt Campaign in sharing our concern for Moslem  indebted countries. especially Pakistan. Many new supporters signing the Pakistan petition calling for cancelation of thier debt rather than giving more loans.

I certainly learnt a great deal about the Muslim way of life during the week and realised how JDC ideals link to the Moslim prospective on debt. Salma Yaqoob provided an inspiring address at our event , then poetry and drama all added value to the  JDC evening.You can download a summary  for your own use.

Now we are getting ready for the even bigger programme of   Inter Faith Week which runs from 20th to 27th of November. The JDC Multifaith project will be displaying our  educational and faith resources that raise awareness of on how faith groups can take action on Global poverty.

The week promises to have really varied programme of films from Birmingham  film co op with lively Question time at the Nishkam centre plus music, dance and poetry not to mention lots of eating in with  Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist and Moslem communities. Find out more  on West Midlands Faith Forum.

If you are attending any event and can offer to help staff our display stand do please get in touch with Chris Bloore the Multifaith co ordinator or me Audrey Miller.

Birmingham fIlm Co oP are screen Bamaka one of the best films ever.

Thursday 12th August
Doors Open 6:45pm. Film starts at 7pm.

Venue: The Co-operative Member Relations Centre, Birmingham & Midlands Institute, Margaret Street, Birmingham, B3 3BS.

The film will be shown for free, but we will be grateful for any contributions.
Refreshments will be available at the venue for a small charge

Trip too London on Friday 13th to let Vince Cable have our views on Doddy Deals

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 18th is our regular planning meeting open to all

We meet at 6.30pm for a bring and share meal in order to begin business at 7pm at The Friends of the Earth Centre, 54-7 Allison Street, Digbeth, B5 5TH. We need your ideas for a creative autumn/winter  programme.

FRIDAY AUGUST 20th Coffee Morning

From 10am to 12 noon at Selly Oak Methodist Church in aid of JDC Multifaith project   Lots of fresh garden produce and home made goodies. Further details from Alison Geary 471 5280 and Gill Fletcher 472 2488.

This blog now  has newsletter section where you can download the Noticeboard covering all our events for September through until November.

This includes special event at the Green Party Conference on September 10th

A Stand Up Against Poverty over the weekend of September 17 – 18th and our annual stall in the  Birmingham Rag Market the previous week.

In October we have a focus on Bangladesh including a resturant meal  and then we prepare for the Islamic Awareness Week 1st to 7th November and 20 to 27 the Interfaith week programme

Some weeks ago on this blog I mentioned that an Anglo – french film team had come to Birmingham to film Salma hamid and I about our Faith involvement with Global Poverty. Here you can see the result… You can catch up on more about the Global Poverty Project when it come to Birmingham on April 7th
Backed by the United Nations, 1.4 Billion Reasons aims to equip over 40,000 people in the UK with the tools to take direct action against poverty, to inspire in them a commitment to reach people in their own communities.
The initiative advocates the UN’s eight Millennium Development Goals, developed in 2000 and adopted by 189 with the objective of improving the lives of the world’s poorest people by 2015.
Global Poverty Project’s 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation is in Birmingham Midland Institute at 7pm on Wednesday 7 April.
The presentation is free to attend but you will need to register to give the organisers an idea of numbers.
Go to: http://sites.google.com/site/gppbrum or phone Ellis on 07976 053707.
JDC campaigners will be attending this presentation so do join us and encourage others to come.

For those of you who missed it we have just had  National Interfaith Week and “Islam Awareness Week

In our region both have been celebrated in great style with colourful and most enjoyable presentations, many organised by West Midlands Faith Forum.

I was able to attend several of the events and was particularly pleased to see young people taking part in such colourful and imaginative ways demonstrating their faith and culture.

My own involvement came through the launch of a new project from Jubilee Debt Campaign – Global Poverty, Seeking Justice: People of Faith in Action This national project, based in Birmingham, will focus on raising awareness amongst all faith groups on the ways we can work together for the common good and in particular the cancellation of international debts.

Our launch event took place at the Bordesley Centre when 120 supporters from the six main faith groups of the city, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Moslem and Sikh.
It was clear from the songs,music and presentations how each faith has at its core so many shared concerns for the poor and the injustice of debt repayments. Wonderful news for me because I know dropping the debt, works!

If you want some examples – teacher numbers doubled in three years in Tanzania, primary school fees were abolished in Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia and in rural areas of Benin. Bolivia and Mauritania. There is improving healthcare, greatly reducing infant and maternal mortality rates in many more poor countries. All this progress because of debt cancellation.

With all faith groups working together I am sure we can benefit in many ways and achieve greater understand at many level. I have already found lots of co workers and friends through being involved.
Something reflected so well in the flyer and poster that are part of the promotion material.

Now we have to find the funds to take forward our plans for a Multifaith conference in the Spring and other educational schemes that will give every faith group an opportunity to bring about positive outcomes for the greater good of all not just in  campaigners in Birmingham but across the region and then to be copied by other UK Jubilee campaign groups. But the real benefit will be the indebted countries having their own money to spend on health and education projects instead of sending it to the rich countries in debt repayment.

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This is the blog of the local group of the UK campaign calling for cancellation of international Debt.

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