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International debt week.
October 8th – 15th is International Debt Week. A moment when campaigners around the world can reflect on the global poor country debt situation.
It is all to easy to perhaps think there is, nothing I can do about such a huge problem.This was certainly the view of some when we began the campaign here in the Midlands.
Dr Martin Dent at Keele University played a key role but the seminal moment was in 1998 when a “Human Chain” was formed around the G8 leaders at the Birmingham summit. 100,000 people coming together in such a peaceful and purpose way.That began the focus of a huge number of people from all faiths and none.
Now in this International Debt week JDC can tell everyone that $130 billions of debt has been cancelled for 34 countries. That means children in school, vaccines given and the fight against poverty begun across the world. We have done something at least. But we fully realise its not enough and have to involve more and more people in the campaign.
It is encouraging that the Jubilee Debt has now become a global movement particular strong in USA where they have special events in the coming Jubilee weekend.
Jewish Christians and Muslims all taking part in the actions.
Here in the UK we will be focussing on getting more Faith Leaders to sign the letter ( 253 so far)to PM. Across the country the Jubilee for Justice petition and the paper chains grow every day .

Now we need to reflect on new ways to take the message to new generation of campaigners seeking Jubilee for Justice in 2012. there are lots of ways to help during the week a prayer  a donation  your ideas and encouragement too.


The International Monetary Fund(  IMF) is sitting on $2.8 billion of cash.

It has just sold off some of its extensive gold stock. Now it has to decide what to do with this windfall.I hope you can help them decide.

Please  tell  them to  use it for the good of the world poorest countries by cancelling the debts. After all the Fund is doing so well that they are even discussing refurbishing their already-opulent headquarters. What a waste that would be when the gap between rich and poor is such a concern for all.

The IMF’s extra $2.8 billion in gold windfall provides an opportunity to assist impoverished countries and their citizens without creating new debt burdens.

Sign the petition today and JUBILEEE USA will deliver your signature at the IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings in Washington, DC, April 15-17.

Thank you for taking action,

In my last post to you I asked you to take action and get in touch with your MP. JDC supporters all across the  country have been doing just that and now I have some great news to share.

Last week, the British government announced a consultation on whether it should pass legislation to Stop Vulture Fund profiteering from poor country debt in UK courts.  And, we also have indication from US congressional committee leaders that they are interested in moving forward with the Stop Vulture Funds in America.

At long last it would seem that the British Government is listening to moral arguments and may even take on board that this practice is outrageous to take funds from poor countries which was intended for those in need.  Then to give the money to rich and powerful companies many of whom operate from tax havens.

The other good news story is that Minister for Development Mike Foster MP for Worcester has agreed to speak at a meeting in Worcester on September 15th. Also speaking on that night will be  The Director of Jubilee Debt Campain, Nick Deardon  who will able to voice our concerns about this and other aspect of forgiving debts.

Download a flyer here

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