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Jubilee for Justice petition continues to grow. more and more people are signing up  on our paper chain links and even celebrate the completion of each chain by taking photos and wearing them at each event.

The Methodist Birmingham District Synod saw Rev Bill Anderson wearing some of the paper chains beside the Faith in Action banner which had been made by the women attending a multi faith workshop earlier in the year. The hand sewn  red chains were another novel way of raising awareness  through art.


Dozens of Methodist clergy have now signed the Faith leaders letter to the PM. The total number from across many different faith groups stands at approximately 250 persons.


The  Zimbabwean Fellowship meeting at Selly Oak Birmingham also signed up in large numbers. Inspired by reading the report on Debt in Zimbabwe.

Do please get in touch if we can have space at one of your meetings to collect more signatures and make this a meaningful Jubilee year for all.

The target is 15,000 chain links with lots more photos.


Jubilee Debt Campaigners braved really tough condition over the Bank holiday weekend at Greenbelt.
On the Saturday afternoon they  had half a dozen or so deluges of monsoon-like rain interspersed with bright sunlight. This led to   periodically streams of water appearing in the tent and the volunteers standing   ankle deep in mud.

John Nightingale Ruth Tetlow, Roger Chisnall of JDC  and  Rebecca Pannels of Methodist  Relief  and Development Fund all worked very hard to collect well over 130 signatures to our petition .

Faith Leaders  Mike King and Bill Anderson signed the Faith Leaders letter which will be  delivered to the Prime Minister later in the year.

Dozens of other clergy also signed on the day. The total at the moment stands at 224 and includes leaders from all the main faith groups across the UK.
Please do encourage all your contacts to take part in our call for a meaningful celebration of the Jubilee year.

Jubilee Debt Campaign steering group members were invited to the Arya Samaj on Sunday 19th August to join the  India day celebrations. It proved to be an interesting and informative day for my colleague Rev John Nightingale and myself. We enjoyed a cultural programme that included poems, flag raising, wonderful food and dance.



There was time to also meet a wide cross section of Indian community from across the West Midlands who  were willing to sign our Jubilee for Justice petition.Image


International Arya Samaj  preacher was happy to sign  a very special letter which is going to the Prime Minister later in the year. over 200 Faith leaders have signed so far  including the  Jains leader.Image

We look forward to attending more festivals and celebrations where we can share across the faith communities our call  for Justice on the issue of debt and global poverty. Please do remember to ask us also for displays and presentation at your group meetings.

Audrey Miller

More exciting news is coming from Jubilee Debt Campaign  London office about the Faith Leaders take up of our latest action.

“191 faith leaders have signed the letter so far, including Members of the Sikh, Jains, Arya Samaj, Hindu. Jewish and Muslim  Community, Also  many Christian denominations have  signed the Faith Leaders letter. Including Archbishops Bishops and prominent leaders for all sections of the church in the UK.”

Do be inspired by looking at the full list here

You can also view some photographs taken at signings here in Birmingham

The JDC office is now  getting  thousands of chain links  signed by members of  all the faith communities and indeed those of no faith. The level of support  given in just a few weeks has been wonderful.

Keep up the good work.

For more in formation on how you can do your part go to www.jdcmultifaith.org.


New figures released today from a Jubilee Debt Campaign researcher  show that $125 billion have been cancelled for 33 poor countries.

Afghanistan, Benin,  Bolivia, Burkina Faso,  Burundi, Cameroon,  Central African Republic Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Guyana,  Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Honduras, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Niger, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Sao Tome Principe, Senegal, SierraLeone, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zambia.

All good news for the countries concerned.

Also today BBC News had an interesting article about German debt.

At every turn it seems we are all concerned about the issue of debt. More and more reasons every day for you to take part in the JUBILEE FOR JUSTICE action.Please  get every faith leader you know to sign the special letter to the PM.

The list of signatures grows daily just look to see who you know.

I was very encouraged when so many of the clergy I knew  and emailed asking for support did sign up. It is something that every faith group can take part in.

Another simple way we can show our concern for those who are enduring poverty that comes from the debt burden.

The Jubilee for Justice campaign mentioned in previous posts is now growing fast.

There has been wonderful surge of support from 135  Faith leaders in the first few days. You can see the ever growing list of names HERE

Thousands of citizens are following the initial lead of the faith leaders and signing both on   line and in the form of paper chains   

calling for the true meaning of Jubilee to be followed.

Several articles have appeared in the faith press and main media outlet such as the Guardian but we need you to help us spread the word.

It would be particularly good to have the support of Dharmic faith groups and the Muslim community in coming weeks. Please do let us have your comments on ways we can expand the reach of Jubilee for Justice.

Arya Samaj (West Midlands ) took part in latest Jubilee for Justice action . Here are the photos of the  leaders who signed a letter to the Prime Minister . all taking place at a special celebration lunch in Birmingham on 24th June

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