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Birmingham Liverpool linked by Community Spirit

Posted on: January 31, 2012

An exciting project in Liverpool called “Community Spirit” is coming to Birmingham on March 30th. It has worked with school children, 16-25 year olds and families to develop understanding between different faiths and cultures. The team have run cookery classes on outlying housing estates, with a focus on food for festivals.
Young people recommended by different faith leaders have undertaken training courses which widen their horizons, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and meet people of other faiths. The young people have made videos of businesses, which have a special cultural flavour e.g a Caribbean Hairdresser, a Bagladeshi Supermarket, local Bakery and Cakeshop, giving opportunities to customers and managers to talk about the joys and challenges of living in inner city Liverpool.
Parties and team buidling weekends all help to foster support and understanding between the young people, who now have an greater appreciation of the diversity of a cosmopolitan city.
In the afternoon we hope to present some of the exciting work going on in Birmingham which brings people of different faiths and cultures together.
The event called, “Community Spirit” is on March 30th at “The Drum” 144 Potter’s Lane, Aston.10.45. -3.00p.m.
Cost £10.00 to include a Caribbean lunch. Places are limited so book early 0121 747 9897


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