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Letter from John Nightingale

Posted on: August 16, 2011

Dear Friends,
Some good news. You may have read in the papers that South Sudan has started its life as an independent country debt free. This letter is to give you some immediate news and trailer one or two things in the pipeline for the autumn.
Jubilee Debt Campaign are excited to be allocated a place on this year’s Big Give Challenge programme. This means that every donation made to JDC between the 5th and 9th December will be doubled by The Big Give. The Big Give is the philanthropic arm of the Reed Foundation which matches your donation (i.e. doubles it) for a few days around Christmas time. But even before then…

Public Meeting about the Horn of Africa. Monday October 10th eve at Central Mosque as a part of Debt Week, October 8th – 15th October. We want to look not just at the emergency but at the underlying causes and what can be done to prevent them.Jehagir Malik from Islamic Relief, some one from DFID and maybe some one from one of our universities.
Third World Debt and World Debt Crisis. Thursday November 17th evening. Tim Jones from JDC to speak. Invitations to go to students and staff at University of Birmingham, especially to economics and development sections. Probably venue at or near University.
Further details in our September Newsletter. Best wishes for the holidays.
John Nightingale
P.S. Volunteers are wanted to help with our emailing and conference planning. We can provide work experience with expenses.


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