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 I am often asked how I became  involved with Jubilee Debt Campaign. Those of us who founded the Jubilee movement met in the Jubilee Room at the House of Commons  fifteen years ago.

 A friend for all that time has been David Golding  this week he sent  me this article and  I immediately wanted to share the stories with you  and have your comments.

“ The experience of one hundred million experiencing global poverty is hard to comprehend, so let’s bring that down to a more personal level. This was Zambia in the 1990s:


“The doctor looked up and saw a woman with her two boys. One was thirteen years old, the other three. Both were ill. The diagnosis was simple and the prescription straightforward. Another routine case . Some time later, he saw her again and asked after the children. Her face flushed. The older child was doing well, but the younger was dead. Unable to afford treatment for both, she made an impossibly painful choice. The oldest received the medicine, the youngest she had to watch die.”

That is poverty. How do we respond to such a world – a world that faces a mother to such choices?

“Nothing to do with me”, you might think,

but what about the experience of Aklima, who was 22 years old in 2007 when her village, Chopora, in southern Bangladesh, was one of many to feel the wrath of Cyclone Sidr. She was swept away by the storm surge with her one-year-old child, Koli…

She survived, but couldn’t save Koli from drowning and probably wishes she’d perished with him. Her country is one of many already experiencing the impact of climate change caused mainly by the profligate use of fossil fuels in the rich countries.

How do we respond to such a world – a world that places the weakest and most vulnerable in such situations? “

David Golding

I came to view that just giving money was not enough. Energy that I had previous given to fund raising tasks with charities was just a sticking plaster approach and political action to change the loans being made were at the root of many problems.

Looking back over some 15 years of activism was I  correct?

$120 billion for 32 countries of debt has been cancelled Not enough you might say but….. what should we do?

Do please  leave your comment.

Audrey Miller


The International Monetary Fund(  IMF) is sitting on $2.8 billion of cash.

It has just sold off some of its extensive gold stock. Now it has to decide what to do with this windfall.I hope you can help them decide.

Please  tell  them to  use it for the good of the world poorest countries by cancelling the debts. After all the Fund is doing so well that they are even discussing refurbishing their already-opulent headquarters. What a waste that would be when the gap between rich and poor is such a concern for all.

The IMF’s extra $2.8 billion in gold windfall provides an opportunity to assist impoverished countries and their citizens without creating new debt burdens.

Sign the petition today and JUBILEEE USA will deliver your signature at the IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings in Washington, DC, April 15-17.

Thank you for taking action,

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