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Inspiration for campaigners in 2011

Posted on: December 22, 2010

One of the wonderful things about being part of a global movement are the messages that land on the door mat or come into the inbox of my computer.

This one has to be my favourite for the year

Dear Supporter,

My home country, Zambia, received debt cancellation in 2005.  This meant that my fellow citizens were able to access health care after years of paying expensive fees enforced by the IMF and World Bank.  Debt relief also meant 4,500 more teachers in Zambia – giving the country 4,500 more reasons to be hopeful for our children’s future.  As a debt policy officer with Jubilee Zambia, I have monitored where those debt relief dollars have gone and continued to press my government to engage in responsible borrowing.

Thanks to the work of the Jubilee movement, 31 other countries have also received this life-giving debt relief.
Priva Hang’andu
Jubilee Zambia

This message from the other side of the world is reassuring us that  we are making a difference.

My question is  how such inspiring words can stir you into action in 2011?

Would you for example :-

1.  Be a “thought donor”. Give us your thoughts and ideas for the JDC multifaith project.

2.  Be  a “time donor”. Come to our events or help in other ways by giving your time.

3.  Be  an” energy donor”. Give us some of your get up and go or even your money, in 2011

Season’s Greeting.

Audrey Miller


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