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Campaigning poetry inspired by Multifaith week

Posted on: December 13, 2010

Interfaith week was a very busy time for the JDC multifaithteam you can see and read more at http://www.jdcmultifaith.org/

It was good to meet so many interesting people and learn so much about other faith groups.

Beverley Mckenzie was inspired to write this poem after the first meeting of the new Multifaith poetry group.

We pray for unity of Multi Faiths

Multi-faiths stand for

No human race is superior over another
Nor inferior of fellow sisters or brothers
Regardless of our Faiths let’s make a peaceful pact today
Where there are no more bloodied wars, persecutions and afflictions

Since time began there has been human rights abuse
Corruption, conflict and fire blazing, raging riots
This world could be serene, peaceful and quiet
Now Third world debt cancellation is being refused
Can’t we as civilised Nations forgive and start anew

We can positively work side by side on a Mission
Be the twinkle in our God’s eyes that glisten
Who honour his call to help his people, the distraught and poor
Let’s listen, whether you’re a Muslim, Sikh, Christian
Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist and Jew
And other brother religious denominations too

Celebrating Islam Awareness Week, Out of common humanity Duty & Moral-
Below there’s the following verse of the holy Qur’an:
“O Humanity: We have created you from a male and a female
And made you into Nations and tribes
That you may know one another” (49:13)

We are not of one accord, Earth is vile
It’s vital that we have patience as well as respect of all faiths
Not be ignorant, but considerate
Honouring other communities as they pray
By embracing, interlinking each other by the arm
We can bring a chain of positive changes, what’s the harm?

At present there’s distrust, disgust, segregation, resentment and hatred
Religious denominations are sacred
We don’t have to hate, but integrate,
Celebrate diversity, our cultures and religious beliefs
Campaigning for the suppressed
Eradicating poverty bringing relief
Emancipation and freedom of speech

This world will be captured, make no mistake, in the frantic rapture
By God, how long have we all got?
As we cause this atmospheric world to rot
For if we don’t make solutions, we are causing the problems
This beautiful diamond globe
Has many Continents with multi-faceted,
Multi racial dimensions
Being so precious, it needs to be cherished, at a happier place
Loved, protected, secure and safe
We call on you Lord to bless us all, giving us directions

We are after all one body, one flesh
Please God don’t let the devil rebels continue to put us to the test
This is why, through weakness, our circumstances,
This world is in an unintentional sorrowful mess
Partly due to the Governmental Politicians & I.M.F

There making cuts to public services, refuse to use the treasure trove
And give substantial monetary gifts to the impoverished
Whom are scattered and abandoned across the globe
Please God restore our faith in you
Knowing that you are the truth
And that those in powerful positions will take heed
Follow you and do as you ask them too

We will never forget our Forefathers
How they gave their lives & fought for us
During the perishing, stormy air and seas of wars
Shattering and scattering like scarlet poppies-
Were bodies, caused from fallen bombs and blasted guns
Others faced atrocious oppression in history
Devastatingly, families are still losing their beloved Daughters & Sons
“What on earth for”? It’s creating indescribable pain & misery

But we know in their names sake
There’s mutual respect, kindness, love, honour & peace
Are at one with God in heaven, a breathtaking, safer place
And our Love for Them will never cease
Praise be to God/Allah Insullah
Written by Beverley McKenzie

Do share your ideas in poetry, prose, art or music it is good to have new thoughts about Global Poverty and seeking justice for all.

Audrey Miller


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