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A Muslim Perspective on Debt in
Developing Countries
Tuesday 2 November
7pm—9pm, The Bordesley Centre, Stratford
Road, Camp Hill, Birmingham, B11 1AR

‘A Muslim perspective on Debt’

with Salma Yaqoob as part of Islam
Awareness week.
There will also be drama, poetry,
stalls, light refreshments and the chance to meet
and talk with people of other faiths.

Audrey Miller on 0121 471 4175 or


Liam Kara is from a Hindu background

Unfortunately the world we live in is not equal. This may not be a revelation, but the fact that the standard of living and the opportunities available to an individual vary so severely depending upon their birthplace is an alarming truth that is one of the great global challenges facing humanity.
I believe the Jubilee Debt Campaign, as an ethical and widely respected organisation, plays a pivotal role in providing hope and opportunity to the millions that suffer in poverty, that one day their country and their future will be free to develop and prosper. Consequently, I am a huge admirer of the Jubilee Debt Campaign’s work, not just because of its ambitions but also because of its committed and progressive approach.
Having mainly worked in the ‘green energy’ sector and volunteered with several Non-Profit Organisations, I have witnessed the impact that an individual can have on a micro and macro scale. Given the opportunity, I believe that I can ensure the Jubilee Debt Campaign progresses with its aims and goals by encouraging greater participation in this essential fight against social injustice

In a world where such luxury items as mobile phones are taken for granted it seems impossible that countries are still struggling to satisfy their people’s basic need for food and clean drinking water. The first problem is the crippling debt these countries have looming over them; debts which have been taken on illegally, by corrupt regimes or with unfair, exploitative interest rates. To give these countries a chance to escape poverty their debts need to be cancelled.  I have joined the JDC team as a volunteer so I could help a great cause on the exciting front line of making poverty history.

Ian Stanley.

Chris Bloore  the Multifaith  co- ordinator is  seeking volunteers from other faith communities to help raise awareness of the  issue of Global Poverty and how JDC can seek justice on the issue of international debt. Contact him at the

Nishkam centre 18 – 20 Soho Road
B21 9H

Website: http://www.jdcmultifaith.org

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