Jubilee Debt Campaign Birmingham

Green party JDC fringe meeting.

Posted on: September 12, 2010

This was the first time I had attended a political party conference and found it very encouraging to hear MEP Jean Lambert say how much she had taken on board the JDC campaign and integrated it into Green party policy.
After attending the demonstration in 1999 on the banks of the Thames calling for debt cancellation, she had clearly kept informed about all our work in the intervening years. she said the Green party was against the principle of running up too much debt, whether  in the uk or internationally but she objected to the unfair way the rich countries took control of international debt negotiations. she thought that the money going to South Asian countries such as Pakistan suffering from climate change should go in the form of grants not loans and that there should be more transparency and local control.
The Co chair of JDC Stephen Rand, pointed out there are many links to show that policies forcing countries to repay debt actually exacerbate climate change.

John Nightingale the chair of JDC Birmingham group and the two speakers fielded questions on a wide range of development  issues such as grants rather than loans, reform of  world trade, mis-selling of projects, debt burden on future generations, power struggles of indebted countries, the current problem in Pakistan and the latest JDC postcard campaign on Dodgy deals.

It was quite inspiring to be present when a politician and a very crowded room of activists  agreed on so many key points.I am looking forward to attending ALL the political party rallies in Birmingham after this  experience.
Audrey Miller


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