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Campaigners radical questions

Posted on: July 21, 2010

A long time campaigner of Jubilee 2000 and JDC has penned this thoughtful piece to promote some discussion amongst our readers. Please add your comments or even send in longer contributions on how the problem should be addressed.

When the great financial crisis struck in ’08, we hoped the meltdown would make way for a global change of direction – the poorest countries would finally be dealt with honourably and justly, and thousands of new jobs would be created worldwide to usher in an exciting age of renewable energy. Instead, apart from a very small bit more regulation of the banks, it’s basically back to the same old ways – the poor are still getting poorer, the rich richer, and care for the planet was thrown out at Copenhagen.

How have we let this happen?

93,100 people, a mere 9% the world’s richest, possess $3.5 trillion as spare money to invest and gamble on stock exchanges. When their gambling came unstuck, 4 million Americans had their homes repossessed. They live in tents while their houses stand empty and boarded up in what was the richest country in the world, and the rest of us bail out the banks. If we feel too hard hit, we need to remember that an extra 100 million in the poorest countries now struggle for life itself. Their $1 a day provides only the barest minimum food needed for survival, and nothing else.

Must we continue to let the small elites rule the rest of us for ever?

The world has been taken over by a money system that has run wild. It serves a global market that can only survive through continual growth, but it has no guiding ethics. Profit is the only rule, even if it devastates the lives and ecology of the world, and there are plenty of people at the top, ruthless and greedy enough to let that happen.

Is it time for a change?


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