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Thank you from JDC conference delegate

Posted on: April 7, 2010

One of the many “voices from the south ” to attend our recent Multifaith conference sends this   interesting message to JDC.

I really enjoyed being at the heart of the Jubilee Debt Campaign in that brief Sunday seminar at the national Multifaith spring conference. Meeting participants from different faiths and sectors of life also added to the learning experience and I’m grateful for that.

In all it was well organised meeting given its objective of raising awareness. The speakers too were passionate in their presentation, which is a real, plus to such an important campaign. I was fortunate to have listened in at the meeting and also share at the group discussion my thoughts about various issues I was particularly moved by, one of these. This was the discussion about the current mode of ‘wealth creation’, which appears to be an attribute of the debt problem itself. This is an area for philosophical mind searching and a debate would be interesting!

But on a general note, coming from a small-pacific island state (Fiji) I must convey my fascination with the the common understanding and culture already installed by the Jubilee Debt Campaign amongst participants of different faiths and professions and it just reaffirms to me that like ‘aids’, ‘debt’ knows no boundaries in today’s world. Indeed it will take people from every walk of life to fight this cause and bring to the attention of those that matter, that burdening the very poor countries with debt is counter-productive to human development. Personal thanks to you and all the people behind the campaign.  I am looking forward to continued communication with yourselves on the campaign and other things you may want me to contribute towards.

Moses Dakunivosa

Fijian visitor to the UK


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