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When asked by a young Sikh friend Pritpal Kaur if I would like to donate to the charity Malaria No More UK (Registered Charity 1126222) I was keen to get involved with a   scheme that involves faith communities across Birmingham. The focus of Faiths Act Birmingham (FAB) is grassroots multi-faith action, which is making a special appeal from April 25th until May 1st.

Having seen the effects of Malaria at first hand and even getting the disease myself when I lived in Malawi, means I would naturally be sympathetic but this appeal had an added twist and ticked some extra boxes for me.

I know all to well that Malaria is one of the largest killers in sub-Saharan Africa and those who suffer have the most debilitating weariness as well as the fever and other symptoms. Yet it is very easily treatable disease. I  recovered in a few months. But above all it is easily preventable if  those living in infected areas sleep under a bed net. The cost of a net, which is minimal, can prevent this horrendous plague taking hold of vast areas of the world

£100 – enough to produce and distribute 20 bed nets, protecting 20 families from malaria for 5 years!  That’s just £5.00 each and seems a real bargain in whichever currency you use.

But  one extra  added attraction of giving to this particular Birmingham venture  was the fact that my donation would also draw down something from the former UK Prime Minister, Rt Hon Tony Blair, who has generously offered to match all funds raised. Which means  my donation will be doubled!  Twice as many bednet will be on the way across the globe

If you also want to support this scheme either go to www.justgiving.com/FaithsAct or send a cheque (payable to Malaria No More UK) to:

Faiths Act Birmingham

Nishkam Centre

6 Soho Road


B21 9BH

Audrey Miller

Pritpal kaur gives her views on how  campaigners are linking together across the city

Birmingham prides itself on being a global city with a local heart, and this last month FaithsAct has been promoting its work at two local events on global poverty.

Last month, the national multifaith Jubilee Debt Campaign Conference on ‘Global Poverty – Seeking Justice’ in Birmingham included speeches from the Rev Dr Joel Edwards, Director of Micah Challenge; Jehangir Malik, UK Director of Islamic Relief; Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singh, Chairman, Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha; and Nick Dearden, Director of Jubilee Debt Campaign.  Their messages were however, not ones of rhetoric.  They were calling people of faith, to join hands with those of other faiths, and to act against injustice in the world.

This month saw the Birmingham launch of the Global Poverty Project, with Elisha London, the UK manager of the project, gave an exciting presentation called ‘1.4 Billion Reasons’ aimed at raising awareness of global poverty issues.  But again, the conclusion was a pledge to action and commitment.  For example, were we going to buy more fair trade products?  Were we going to hold a fundraiser?  Were we going to mobilise our friends, families and faith communities?

FaithsAct was proud to stand in solidarity with these campaigns.  The aims of both projects resonated greatly with ours – in calling Faiths to Act.  We hope that people of faith, in the global city of Birmingham, will act locally from their hearts and get involved.

Pritpal Kaur,

Faiths Act Fellow

One of the many “voices from the south ” to attend our recent Multifaith conference sends this   interesting message to JDC.

I really enjoyed being at the heart of the Jubilee Debt Campaign in that brief Sunday seminar at the national Multifaith spring conference. Meeting participants from different faiths and sectors of life also added to the learning experience and I’m grateful for that.

In all it was well organised meeting given its objective of raising awareness. The speakers too were passionate in their presentation, which is a real, plus to such an important campaign. I was fortunate to have listened in at the meeting and also share at the group discussion my thoughts about various issues I was particularly moved by, one of these. This was the discussion about the current mode of ‘wealth creation’, which appears to be an attribute of the debt problem itself. This is an area for philosophical mind searching and a debate would be interesting!

But on a general note, coming from a small-pacific island state (Fiji) I must convey my fascination with the the common understanding and culture already installed by the Jubilee Debt Campaign amongst participants of different faiths and professions and it just reaffirms to me that like ‘aids’, ‘debt’ knows no boundaries in today’s world. Indeed it will take people from every walk of life to fight this cause and bring to the attention of those that matter, that burdening the very poor countries with debt is counter-productive to human development. Personal thanks to you and all the people behind the campaign.  I am looking forward to continued communication with yourselves on the campaign and other things you may want me to contribute towards.

Moses Dakunivosa

Fijian visitor to the UK

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