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Powerful Local MP’s

Posted on: November 2, 2009

In those moments of bleak depression when campaigners wonder if politicians ever listen, I do debate  if its all a waste of time and then something like this from local MP Richard Burdon comes into my inbox and I give a huge cheer and my faith is restored. We are getting our message across to some.

“Lots of constituents have been in touch to let me know they support the campaign to ‘End the vulture culture‘ led by the Jubilee Debt Campaign. The campaign is calling for regulation of vulture funds to prevent them buying up the defaulted debts of poor countries and then sueing those countries for full repayment plus costs.It is internationally recognised that the debt burden of the poorest, most indebted poor countries has to be tackled if they are to set themselves on the path of sustainable growth, development and poverty reduction. The UK government has taken a lead role on debt relief over the last 12 years. It is important that the real progress that has been made goes towards reducing poverty in developing countries, not lost into the pockets of wealthy investors.

Earlier this year I signed a parliamentary motion calling on the government to regulate vulture funds and raised the issue directly with government ministers. Replying to my letter, the Treasury Minister Ian Pearson explained that the government is also concerned about these so-called vulture funds . He told me that the government thoroughly deplores the funds and has taken a leading role in combating the damage caused by their activities – by preventing debts from falling into the hands of such funds and helping countries to defend themselves.”

Richard Burdon MP

Now we wait to see if another local MP for Dudley  – Ian Pearson will respond to the thousands of  petition signings and letters he has received via the Treasury to take  the final  steps necessary. to outlaw the  vulture fund process.

This Black Country MP  and Treasury Minister Ian Pearson is in charge of taking the  all important decision about whether to turn the proposed new law into a priority for the next parliamentary session, by putting it into the Queen’s Speech on 18 November.

I await to see if  they did get the message or will I be going back into  despair of politicians ability to  listen to the plea for justice.

Audrey Miller


1 Response to "Powerful Local MP’s"

In America, politicians still don’t get it! It’s still business as usual in Congress – debt and more debt for our kids and grandkids!


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