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More Musings from Merryn- a positive way forward

Posted on: February 11, 2009

Merryn shows how changing economics could offer a positive way for the Worlds Poor.

I was enjoying a walk round my favourite local lanes when it suddenly struck me that despite the gloom of global finances, we really are living in very exciting times.

Well, having spent so much time and effort walking up and down our country, joining demonstrations in London and elsewhere, or writing bits for newspapers and magazines, hoping to raise awareness and political action on behalf of the worlds poor, I realised that a way might finally have been opened to get the fragility and corruption behind the global money systems back into Pandora’s box. At last the power and control enjoyed by those who grabbed the world’s wealth for themselves instead of holding it in trust for the whole of God’s people, has been made manifest and toppled. So why are these exciting times?

The biggest reason is that the floodgates have been opened. During the last decade there has been a huge groundswell in the millions of people calling for both a cancellation of the unjust and unpayable poor country debts, and a better deal for all their people. Up until now these calls have been kept at bay by the rich nations, but now we can see things under a new light, and the desperate injustice under which they struggle looks different. Poor countries were not allowed to go bankrupt or receive any help unless they went through years of punishing adjustments which left them ruined. A quarter of a century later Western banks are still receiving $100 million every day from them. For every $1 sent for aid, $5 are returned for debt servicing. Today rich country banks get huge bail-outs and still expect bonuses for those who betrayed us. The ordinary people are so sickened by all this that the way is now laid open for a deep and serious global re-think about the way it is organised. At last we could be listened to and taken seriously.

And this is where your church or faith group and hopefully thousands of others like us come in. The Jubilee Debt Campaign is offering an opportunity for congregations everywhere to stand up and declare that enough is enough for those condemned to grinding poverty. We want a world where all can live in dignity, where the gulf between the obscenely rich and desperately poor is filled in forever. To do this you are invited to become a Jubilee Congregation


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