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The Death of Roi Kwabena, Trinidian writer and cultural activist was announced in January 2008. A supporter of JDC for many years Roi used his poetry to speak and touch many lives not just in the city. This poem has been used in many settings over the last few years and will continue to do so in the Jubilee Movement.

wish we had a father

not only in heaven

but also on earth.

we would forgive

our debtors

and all those who

trespassed against us

the genocides…

the chattel slavery…

the indentureship…

the religious conversion….

the plunder of our antiquities….

the economic deprivation….

the scientific exclusion….

could we expect

our debts to be forgiven

so that we may feed our people

we wont be led into

military aggression

we will uphold the ideal

of tolerance and equality

we will fair trade

all commodities

we will promote sustainability

and protect the earth’s environment

oh! can we expect

our debts to be forgiven

as we adhere to principles

that will beneficial to all of humanity

we the rich-but considered poor nations

of the southern hemisphere…


It’s a bad day for some again, we see people losing jobs, homes, and their faith in the money system. Fuel and food prices are exploding everywhere but the poorest are suffering most

None more so than in developing countries have been facing their own debt crisis for more than thirty years, because of the same problems that have created poverty here – enormous debt burdens, which have led to loss of jobs , and will soon lead to our government cuts in welfare spending and public services. In the midst of huge riches we are becoming all to aware of poverty on our door step.

Now more than ever it is important that we stand in solidarity with the world’s poorest peoples, I just hope Gordon Brown will remember his many promises in the past to cancel the debts of the worlds poorest countries. When he attends the important international meeting this coming week.

Debt Campaigners protested outside the mansion House Dinner this week will bells and clocks stressing he should respond to the “Wake Call” for those in around the globe not just wealthy bankers.

You can sign the petition calling on Gordon Brown to call time on greed at http://www.jubileedebtcampaign.org.uk/greed

Calling all students and supporter.
This is to alert you to the fact that Birmingham Uni is hosting and very important conference on November 21st /22nd.
Jubilee Debt Campaign will be having a stall staffed by the  London team.

Please pass the word around your networks or   drop by yourself and make contact if you can.
More details at

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