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Our new blog!

Posted on: October 15, 2008

We went to a social media surgery thing and a guy called Stef helped us set this up!

And he told us lots of things we didn’t need to know.

Cool hey?


15 Responses to "Our new blog!"

Stef treated you well in his surgery – this is a great looking blog for a great looking cause. I’m subscribed to your RSS feed!

Congratulations on the new blog – looks great! Don’t forget to promote it in your email footers and get as many people subscribed to the RSS feed as possible. Good luck!

Very cool.

Looking good.

I always find information that I don’t need to know the most useful.

All the very best on the campaign.

Wonderful to see that in such a short time that you have a real presence on the internet! Have been watching lots of the action from the Social Media Surgery from afar, with thanks to the the people helping support you sending messages out on social networks to alert us!

It’s fantastic that you could set this up in the surgery. Look forward to reading more posts. I really like this WordPress theme as well. Phil

[…] https://jdcbirmingham.wordpress.com/2008/10/15/our-new-blog/ is the first full post for a blog established for the Birmingham ranch fo the Jubilee debt campaign.  This might be their first trackback! […]

Great start! I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed, so do please keep blogging. And that stuff you didn’t need to know on the first day may well turn out to be very useful later!

This is fantastic.

I recall being the Oxfam rep on the Jubilee Debt Campaign (or the Jubilee 2000 Campaign as it was then) when it was started by Ann Pettifor. Funny to think that John Denham was also on that group – now a Cabinet Minister!

Carry on blogging!

Just been shopping at Birmingham Rag market not for stuff you understand! Collecting signatures on the JDC stall calling on the UK Government to “Pick up the Pace” on cancellation of debt for the world poorest countries.
800 signed up so far, in just three days at the Rag Market during Global week of Action on debt. You can sign up too at http://www.jubileedebtcampaign.org.uk or see you Saturday at Victoria sq 2.00pm

[…] Birmingham Jubilee Debt Campaign (click on the name for a hyperlink the site) created a free blog at our last session on October […]

[…] Birmingham Jubilee Debt Campaign (click on the name for a hyperlink the site) created a free blog at our last session on October […]

I would like details of your local group please. I know I cannot do much but I bear in mind a card I have. It’s a quote by John Dunne and it says ‘No man made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do little.

Everyone can do something. Do get in touch with jubileedebt@blueyonder.co.uk and perhaps come to one of our meetings listed in the blog if you live in Birmingham.There are other groups in the UK

Dear Lynda,

Very good to hear from you. I am the current chair of the group. It would be good to have you among us in whatever capacity. Feel free to give me a ring or email me.

Best wishes,

John Nightingale

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