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World Bank President Robert Zoellick warned Wednesday that Haiti is at a “tipping point” after a spate of destructive tropical storms, but offered no immediate debt relief for the chronically impoverished country.

Zoellick, ending a three-day visit, pledged long-term help to keep the desperately poor Caribbean nation from falling deeper into crisis but said the bank will not forgive its share of Haiti‘s US$1.7 billion in foreign debt for at least seven months.

Critics say forcing Haiti to keep making debt payments of more than US$1 million a week will hurt recovery efforts and further deplete meager resources in the Western Hemisphere‘s poorest country.

“It’s a humanitarian disaster down there. It’s kind of ridiculous that Haiti has to go through bureaucratic hoops,” said Dan Beeton of the Washington-based Center for Economic and Policy Research. “There’s no reason these institutions can’t just say, ‘OK, cancel it now.'”

Zoellick said Wednesday that Haiti is on track to have its World Bank debt canceled by mid-2009 once it has met qualifications such as addressing corruption and increasing public investment, but that debt cancellation is up to the bank’s shareholders.

Who is more deserving? We have bailed out the bankers but they will not help the people of Haiti?

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Shirley Pate from hcvanalaysis.

It has just been announced that 116900000 people took part in this years STANDUP AGAINST POVERTY events over the weekend of October 16-18th. This is a big increase on last years figure.

For those in Birmingham who added stood up wherever you were many thanks and remember that your effort made part of this figure .

The huge number of people demanding that the World Leaders keep              their promises to achieve the Millenium Development goals, is bound to make them sit up and take notice.

The “Stand Up Against Poverty” event in Victoria Square this afternoon was encouraging. We were near the Iron Man statue, at the bottom of the steps which lead up to the square where many people were passing and could have a look at us. There were about 70 in our group wearing white headbands and “Drop the Debt Badges”. Jewish, Muslim and Christian faith groups were represented. A stilt walker dressed like a policeman drew the attention of the passers-by, as did the beating of a drum.

Around 2pm Mohammed Imran got to work with the loud hailer. He introduced students from UK and Morocco who are spending time in Birmingham on a Global Exchange Programme. One after the other, every three seconds they lay down to show how frequently a child in our world dies from poverty or hunger – the equivalent of thirty thousand children a day or ten million a year. We finished by joining together in a pledge: “As part of the generation that demands an end to poverty, I stand up: for the children killed by poverty today; to insist that governments keep their promises and aim even higher, for action not excuses, for justice and equality. I stand up against poverty”. Many bystanders signed their names to show they were standing with us.

Last year 43.7 million people stood up world wide. This year the target is over 67 million, one percent of the world’s population. So why not use Oct 18th and 19th to get your friends, congregation or organisation to stand, and enter the numbers on the website: Stand up and Take Action? Standing up is one small step, but it’s an indication that we can overcome poverty – if we have the will.

Big Issue seller
Big Issue seller

There was more than one Big Issue in New Street this afternoon. The Big Issue seller wore his white head band indicated support for the Global Campaign to end Poverty along with many others who collected in Victoria Square from all walks of life.

Vivid display

Vivid display

We had a busy time in the Rag market. About one thousand people signed our petition in the four days we were there.

We did this to highlight the Global Week of Action on Debt.

Come to the “Stand Up ” event on Saturday 18th in Victoria Square at 2pm.

A picture of the Jubilee debt logo

A picture of the Jubilee debt logo

We are asking everybody to Stand Up To Take Action Against Poverty And Inequality. This will take place over three days from Friday the October 17th to Sunday October the 19th. The intention is to have 65 million people all over the world standing up and this is one percent of the world’s population.

Put your numbers into the website at www.standagainstpoverty.org but specially we invite you to the Birmingham event at 2pm on Saturday the 18th October in Victoria Square.

Further details on www.jubileedebt.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk

We went to a social media surgery thing and a guy called Stef helped us set this up!

And he told us lots of things we didn’t need to know.

Cool hey?

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